Investment Support

Our Core Investment Support Services

At Pinoy Properties Investment Corporation, our core business is in Investment Support services.  We offer a wide range of services and products to help investors like yourself, manage their investment properties.  We take pride in offering professional real estate services, starting from the time you choose to invest to the time you exit the investment.  We support you every step of the way.

Investment Assistance

At PPIC, we are investor-centric and we are accredited to many developers.  Talk to us about your investment goals and your means, and we will be glad to offer our professional advice and help to find the property that is suitable for you, be it to stay or for investment.  Once the purchase is completed, we help to follow up with the payment and documentation process and ensure that the whole purchase process is completed.  For the record, we follow through the entire process for years.  So you will be assured that there is always someone around at PPIC to talk about your investment.

Property Turnover Assistance

Seeing the investment property completed is an exciting experience.  At PPIC, we offer property turnover services.  We accompany you to take over the property from the developer, and assist in the turnover, to ensure that the property is handed over from the developer or seller properly.  Our investment support specialist will conduct a full property inspection and follow up with the rectifications.

Bank Loan Assistance Service

Be it for foreign or local investors, we offer advice and assistance to our investors when they require bank financing on their property.  Our friendly investment support officers will be glad to help you with the application process and documentation requirements.  This includes tax advice and legal support.

Furnishing and Renovation Services

PPIC has in-house designers who provide furnishing designs to our investment properties under management.  These furnishing packages are specially tailored to meet tenant's need and are cost effective.

Owner's Representation

As Owner's Representative, we take care of our investor's interest locally in Philippines, assisting in a variety of tasks like inspecting the units, paying the bills, receiving mails, applying for utilities, signing rental contracts etc.

Investment Focused Tours

If you are visiting Philippines for the first time, or interested to explore investment opportunities with us, do join us for our investment focused tours.  We can bring you around to visit various developers, and see what they have to offer.  Or we can also tailor a tour itinerary to suit your time schedule and needs.  And if you wish to have a golf holiday while here in Philippines, we will be glad to help.

Special Retirement Resident Visa Application

For those who are planning to retire in one of the most lovely place for retirement, we are here to help you with the SRRV application.  With the SRRV, you get to enjoy not just the financial protection but also the community support that the Philippine Retirement Authority offers.  PPIC is accredited to PRA and we help members with their retirement needs, esp in the area of housing and investment.


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