Bank Loan Application Assistance

Looking for a bank loan to help finance your property investment or property purchase?  

Let us help you with this process of bank loan application.  PPIC has an extensive network with different Philippine and offshore banks to help finance your needs.  Talk to us today to let us know how we can assist you.

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What services do we provide?

  • Assessment of your financial situation and investment goals.

  • Advise you with the various available options for your financing needs.

  • Assist you with the application process, collection of documentation and information required for bank loan application, including notarization and consularization.

  • Annual re-assessment of financing plans and options

  • Assistance with the loan repayment process


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Some information that you might find useful

1.   For foreign investors, there are options to finance your property purchase with foreign currency as well as peso denominated loan.

2.  For local investors, you can avail up to a loan up to 80% of the contract price.

3.  Interest rates for Philippine peso denominated loan can go as low as 5.5%.  Trend for interest rates is expected to go down lower.


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The results of the loan payment calculator are for comparison and assessment purposes only.  Actual loan amount available and repayment amount may vary.  Bank charges are not included in the computation

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