Property Turnover Assistance

Getting Ready to Take Over your Property?  We Can Help!

Property Turnover is a much-awaited event for many property buyers.  For those intending to stay, this marks a new milestone to their home ownership journey.  For those investing in a property for rental, this is the start of the regular income stream.

Turnover Assistance

As an investment support company, we provide a professional turnover assistance service to investors and home-buyers alike.  Nothing beats having someone to walk the turnover journey with you, to inspect the property, to follow up with the developers on rectifications and to ensure that the utilities are set up and title transferred.  Depending on the developer, this process can be in weeks or months.   For overseas investors, this property turnover assistance service is invaluable as it optimizes their time here in Philippines.  And it is good to have a local person or company to handle the property for them.

Our professional Turnover Assistance Service will assist the owners in carrying out the turnover of the property, till the unit is transited for furnishing or rental.

1. On-Site Property Inspection with / without owner

2. Follow up with developer on rectifications

3. Update investors or owners on the rectification

4. Assistance with set up or transfer of utilities (water, electricity, cable, WiFi)

5. Follow up with developer or seller on the Transfer of Title

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Property Inspection

Property Turnover Services

Assisting Owners to Inspect the Property

Our friendly investment support specialist will assist you in carrying out the inspection of the units.  A property inspection report will be produced with regular updates on the rectifications.

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