G01 Monarch Parksuites, Aseana Business Park, Bradco Ave., Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1701
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G01 Monarch Parksuites, Aseana Business Park, Bradco Ave., Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1701

Owner’s Representation

As Owner’s Representative, we take care of our investor’s interest locally in Philippines, assisting in a variety of tasks like inspecting the units, paying the bills, receiving mails, applying for utilities, keeping the real property taxes updated etc. We will represent you to execute a lease or sales contract, and also to provide remittance of proceeds back to your home country.

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Rent Ready Program – Renovation and Furnishing At PPIC, we believe in making your investment property work for you. Our renovation and furnishing...under our Rent Ready Program is designed to meet the needs of the tenants, and cost effective for...the owner. We don't just help you renovate your apartment, but assist you to get the unit ready for...tenants to move in. That is what we call the Rent Ready Program. PPIC has a strong team and affiliated designers and contractors who can provide this service to deliver your unit,...Rent Ready. All works comes with one year of warranty and we continue to provide the maintenance and...upkeep to restore ensure the units are always in to a rent ready state after the tenant moves...out. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you!
Property Turnover Assistance Seeing the investment property completed is an exciting experience. At PPIC, we offer property...turnover services. We accompany you to take over the property from the developer, and assist in the...turnover, to ensure that the property is handed over from the developer or seller properly. Our...investment support specialist will conduct a full property inspection and follow up with the...numerous & tedious rectifications.
Investment Portfolio Management At PPIC, we are investor-centric and we are accredited to many developers. Talk to us about your...investment goals and your means, and we will be glad to offer our professional advice and help to...find the property that is suitable for your investment goals. Once the purchase is completed, to follow up with the payment and documentation process and ensure that the whole purchase...process is completed. For the record, we follow through the entire process for years. So you will be...assured that there is always someone around at PPIC to talk about your investment and be supported.
I need a Bank Loan for my Investment Property, and I am a foreigner! Philippines is no doubt an attractive place to invest in real estate. There are 100 million...population and more than 10% of it are living and working in Metro Manila, making it one of the...highest population density capital city in the world. Many property investor will consider taking...up a bank loan for a few reasons. One is to stretch the investment dollars and increase the...leverage. The other main reason is to cope with the cash requirements, be it short term or long...term. Many investors look forward to using the rental returns from the property to pay partially for...the bank loan. At PPIC, we have successfully assisted many foreign investors with applying for loan. To start, it is important to check that the investment property is accredited with Not all properties qualify for a bank loan.    
Have you paid your Real Property Tax yet? As an investor into Philippine real estate, it is important to understand your tax obligations. The...most basic tax that you need to take care of is the Real Property Tax. Every owner of a property in...Philippines has to pay Real Property Tax. Real property tax is an ad valorem tax imposed on paid annually to the Local Government Unit. Real Property tax is collected every 31st of...January each year. However, taxpayers can also decide to pay in quarterly installment every end of...the calendar quarter. If a taxpayer opts to pay the basic real property tax and the for public education called Special Education Fund in advance, the municipality concerned may...grant a discount of not more than 20% of the annual tax. That is also the reason why the City very busy before the end of the year! To pay for the Real Property Tax, you need to prepare...the following: If you are a new owner of a property, you will need to obtain the tax declaration...and official receipts from the developer. For those who have paid the Real Property Tax before, you...simply have to bring along the previous official receipts for RPT to the Treasurer’s Office of the...municipality to get an assessment of the tax to pay. The Real Property Tax is not based on the...sales transaction price of the property, but rather based on the assessed property value (or taxable...value of the property). The tax rate for most cities and municipalities in Metro Manila is 2%, and...for provinces is 1%. The Treasurer’s Office of the municipality collects the payment of tax. You can pay by cash or manager’s check issued by a bank. Personal checks are not...accepted. Late payments will result in an interest rate of 2% surcharge per month to a maximum of...72% percent or 36 months of late payment. Non-payment will result in the local government to...foreclose and auction the property under the category of tax-delinquent properties. The good that PPIC provides assistance for payment of Real Property Tax, for our foreign investors. We...know that it will be troublesome for our owners to handle the tax payment. At PPIC, we help to of the payment of RPT on behalf of the owners. Talk to us to let us know how we